Metal Grouping


Various household items can be recycled for the aluminum content they contain.  These items include scooters, metal baseball bats, window frames etc. Please refer to our metal guide for a complete list of items.


Items which contain brass include shell casings, brass ornaments, plumbing fixtures and pipes, musical instruments and brass radiators.


Copper is found in many household items.  The prices we pay are based on COMEX prices.  Please check our web page frequently as prices change on a daily basis.


K&K purchases several types of batteries, including gel, lead acid and car batteries.  We currently cannot take alkaline batteries.

Miscellaneous Scrap

Miscellaneous items include ballasts, zinc die cast, zinc die cast breakage and electric motors of all sizes.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is found throughout your home.  Many kitchen sinks and faucets are made from stainless steel.  Pots and pans, bowls, cooking and eating utensils are also made from stainless.