MN Scrap Law

In 2007, Minnesota passed a law which regulates how scrap metal is purchased from the public as part of the "Public Safety Omnibus Bill".

To comply with the above mention law K&K is required to:

Records / Identification Requirements:

  • Record the number of the seller's drivers license, MN ID card number or other government issued document wich includes the person's photograph, full name, birth date and signature.

Payment Requirements:

  • All scrap metal purchases will be made by check or electronic transfer.  Aluminum cans are exempt from this law, and can be paid for using cash.  

The law can be read at the following website:


A new law presented in March 2013, has now been passed in the MN House of Representatives and The Senate.  The law was signed into Law as of 5/24/13.  

The law can be read at the following website: